The Plan

I invite anyone interested in becoming better than you can be at any age and also interested in supporting an animal rescue or charity of your choice to visit my Unicity website and learn more about the Prime Challenge and the wonderful Unicity products.

After visiting the website: and researching the products you may order from the website.  If you choose to become a preferred customer you will automatically receive a 15% discount.  My intent is to contribute at least 50% of my proceeds to the charity of your choice.(My only concern is covering my expenses – primarily my tax liability).  To specify a charity send me a message from my home page-include the charity name in the message field.

This website is under construction and will be expanding to include more info, contact info and links to educational sites.  My current primary goal is to get this up and running to benefit as many rescues as possible and start spreading the word regarding improving your health.

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