Order Products

To order products you may choose from several options:

Retail order – Pay the retail price with no auto-refill requirements.   Use the enroller ID # 198922301.

Preferred Customer- 15% off retail discount with free shipping & handling.  Choose to build your own package by clicking on products that you desire.  This requires an auto-refill order and is a great option for those committed to ongoing preventive health and wellness and who would like the convenience of auto shipping.  Use the enroller ID # 198922301.

Franchise Partner – for Wholesale/Business Acct.  This option is for those interested in ordering products wholesale and/or pursuing the business opportunity.  If you are not interested in generating income and simply want to order products wholesale, choose Basic and click on the products you wish to order.  There is a one time set-up fee of $40.00 and annual renewal of $20.00.  With this option the savings on individual products is significant.  Enroller ID # 198922301.   For those interested in the business opportunity proceed to the Join My Team page.

Product order site: https://shop.unicity.com/?ref=198922301




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