Fundraiser for S.H.A.R.E. – Shepherd Help and Rescue Effort

Sassy - the inspiration for this fundraising initiative.

Sassy – the inspiration for this fundraising initiative.

Phelps - the puppy with swimmer's syndrome and a very precarious future

Phelps – the puppy with swimmer’s syndrome and a very precarious future

As I have previously stated,  learning the story of SHARE and the many animals in need of rescue, medical attention and forever families challenged me to find a way to help on an ongoing basis.  Due to my profession I am well aware of the billions of dollars spent annually for all manner of weight control products and nutritional supplements.  Many are totally ineffective and others I would place in the snake oil category.   I am fortunate to be affiliated with a company – Unicity International – which researches, produces, markets and distributes state of the art products, based on the most current research, which have undergone bona fide clinical testing for efficacy.  Therefore I am very comfortable recommending these products to anyone.  The ultimate test is the fact that I use the products, my family members use the products and many friends use the products.   Now I would like to use the products not only for the personal health benefits, but for the benefit of worthy animal rescues and charities.  SHARE is the first of which I hope to be many causes.

You may choose to use individual products based on your personal health concerns or take “The Prime Challenge” to improve your overall health.    In the US we have a critical health care crisis related to ballooning costs and lifestyle related disease.  Fully 2/3rd’s of Americans or 66% are overweight or obese.  Obesity inevitably leads to diabetes which causes heart disease – the number one killer in the US today.  The best all natural, preventive health product that I personally have ever encountered to address weight management,  diabetes and heart disease is  Unicity Balance – .

Take the Prime Challenge  –  and support SHARE- .   The Prime Challenge – is a 90 day journey on which anyone may embark.  It begins with setting goals to become the best that you can be at any age by committing to improving nutritional intake, regular physical activity and incorporating state of the art nutritional supplements – targeted to address your personal needs – into  your daily regime.

This journey will culminate in lifestyle changes that allow you to  lead the prime life and be BETTER than you can be at any age.  The best part of the journey is that you will also be contributing to a great  cause.  For products purchased thru this fundraiser, I will  contribute my proceeds to SHARE – after tax liability.

For more information regarding “The Prime Challenge” and all Unicity’s products please go to – .   Products may also be ordered at this site.  To ensure SHARE receives the donation please either contact me thru the website – just enter your name and Share in the message or email me at with SHARE in the subject.

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