Ask the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Unicity International has a wide array of all natural products which address most health issues today.  For information regarding specific health and wellness concerns feel free to contact me at

My favorite preventative health product is Unicity Balance which addresses weight control, cholesterol management and glucose stability while also providing vitamin and mineral supplementation.  In addition I recommend Omega 3 fatty acid supplementation and Vitamin D supplementation.  Studies have shown that 3/4 of Americans are deficient in Vitamin D.  The use of sun screen and fear of skin cancer related to overexposure to the sun has led to subclinical levels of Vitamin D in many individuals.   Vitamin D is also difficult to obtain thru food sources which include: Super foods – Wild caught salmon and mackerel and mushrooms.  Good sources include cod liver oil, tuna in water, sardines, milk and yogurt fortified with Vitamin D, beef and calves liver, egg yolks and cheese.  Low levels of Vitamin D can lead to obesity, cardiovascular disease, Type 1 diabetes in children, MS and several types of cancer including breast cancer.

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