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Sassy - the inspiration for this fundraising initiative.

Sassy – the inspiration for this fundraising initiative.

My inspiration for Fielding Fundraisers began when I stumbled across Sassy’s story on facebook. Sassy is a beautiful German Shepherd who was rescued by SHARE – Shepherd Help and Rescue Effort located in the Fort Lauderdale, FL area – an organization staffed by volunteers dedicated to the rescue of German Shepherds from high kill shelters. Sassy’s physical condition was extremely serious. All who became aware of her dire circumstances prayed for her, donated to her cause and anxiously waited for updates on her condition. Miraculously as a result of the devotion of this wonderful group, the skilled veterinary staff lead by Dr. Bibevski, the worldwide donations, the prayers of many, and the wonderful family who adopted her Sassy survived and today is happy, healthy and very loved.

Phelps - the puppy with swimmer's syndrome and a very precarious future

Phelps – the puppy with swimmer’s syndrome and a very precarious future

Then I encountered the “Journey of Phelps” – the darling little guy with “swimmer’s syndrome.  Again entered SHARE and another unfortunate pup was saved.

Being an animal lover and owned by 3 German Shepherds at the time I was hooked and began to follow SHARE and make donations to their effort. As a result I continued to stumble upon rescue after rescue fighting a never ending battle to save abused, abandoned, neglected and injured animals. I am horrified to realize the massive number of throw away animals in high kill shelters, at risk of euthanization and in need of a voice. However, I am also gratified to see the number of generous souls willing to donate time, resources and hard work in an effort to save these innocents. I must admit that I was a bit naïve when it came to the number of high kill shelters and volume of healthy, wonderful animals being exterminated on a daily basis. A contributing factor to this was the fact that I spent many years in a community with a no-kill humane society – Mower County Humane Society in Austin, MN – from which I adopted 2 wonderful dogs. This is another wonderful facility run by volunteers and supported by the local corporate sponsor.

Since it is impossible to donate to all rescues and animals in need, I became challenged to find a way to become part of the solution. While attending a corporate summit for the preventive health and wellness company with which I am affiliated, the idea occurred. I can reach as many individuals as possible in an effort to encourage personal responsibility for improving health and benefit my favorite charitable causes. Follow me to see how.

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